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Program Overview

JDA Partner Advantage can help you build the win-win relationship you've been looking for!

JDA Partner Advantage was built with your needs in mind. Based on feedback from our strategic partners, JDA has created a comprehensive structured partner program designed to help you win. By leveraging  your relationship    with JDA, you can stand out from the competition - winning new customers and growing revenues. 



JDA Partner Advantage offers a tiered program that recognizes the wide-ranging contributions of different partners and rewards them appropriately.  Our new program platform provides everything you need to leverage your relationship with JDA, including a broad spectrum of value-added tools and resources.

Marketing Tools

Looking to communicate more effectively with sales prospects and generate leads?  JDA provides campaign guidance, logos, branding guidelines, and self-service marketing tools that enable you to promote your relations hip with JDA and your expertise in JDA solutions.  The result is a bigger pipeline and a larger volume of sales wins. 

Sales Tools

Leverage JDA sales tools to help you close the sale with key prospects.  JDA has created a comprehensive, proven set of tools that help you sell more and faster. Take advantage of competitive kits, solution sheets, case studies, and market insights that prepare your sales team for success!

Opportunity Registration

JDA Partner Advantage was designed with clear guidelines.  JDA's opportunity registration feature protects partners who actively promote JDA solutions and create meaningful sales leads.

Training & Expertise

How can you prove your employees' expertise in JDA solutions?  It's simple, thanks to JDA's training and accreditation programs.  By attaining accreditations, you increase your close rate, grow your business and drive future opportunities. 

"This is what JDA partners have been waiting for. We are excited to embark on this journey to build a stronger relationship."

—   Francisco Giral, CEO, netLogistiK  

"JDA Partner Advantage will provide a tremendous improvement to partners through enhanced support, tools, training, and more."

— Rob Henneke, JDA EVP, EVP, RPE Soultions


The additional resources, training and access will enable us and JDA to be more successful in the industry."

— Cerys Johnson, CEO, REPL Group

Partner Types

JDA partners with a wide range of companies to create win-win opportunities for both our businesses.  To explore how you can expand your sales reach and grow your bottom line, choose a partner type below.




Sales partners drive incremental revenue by reselling, referring sales leads to JDA or collaboratively endorsing approved JDA solutions in specific market segments. 



By providing implementation and integration services, consulting partners are instrumental in helping customers achieve the greatest benefit from their JDA soultions.



Technology partners add value by providing leading-edge, innovative solutions that complement JDA's market-leading supply chain and retail software.

Meet Our Partners

JDA's partners include some of the biggest technology and consulting firms in the world -- as well as smaller companies that are poised for revenue growth. Over the years, JDA has built a robust eco-system of trusted partners who resell, recommend, and implement our industry-leading solutions.  

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 JDA Partners

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