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REPL Group delivers technology and management solutions which transform business operations and processes. Our work focuses on some of the key battlegrounds for modern business advantage: from workforce management, warehouse management and back office systems to in-store digital, online and mobile innovation for retail. We are committed, energetic and agile; ensuring sustainable change is delivered in a rapid, assured and cost effective manner. We bring pragmatism to projects, blending theory and expertise in the latest technologies with a deep understanding and experience of the realities of our specialist sectors including retail, manufacturing and supply chain. We have a global reach with offices in the UK (Henley and London), US (Bentonville and Dallas), Japan (Tokyo) and South Africa (Cape Town).

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True transformation for sustainable change: Implementing change means overcoming challenges. Our experienced consultants integrate with your team to advise, innovate and successfully deliver. Rapid, assured and cost-effective, REPL’s agile consulting services allow your business to transform and perform. Trusted advisors bring valuable perspective and expertise that you may not have access to internally. Their external insight and ideas will bring unrivalled experience to the most complex IT projects. REPL’s consultants redefine best practice and make innovation a priority.

Automated. Agile. Quick. End-to-end testing services to get your software operating at optimum levels. Innovative input that helps you fast track new development opportunities by fine-tuning functionality and improving overall quality. With extensive knowledge across a global team of consultants and technical specialists, REPL embraces full testing automation to achieve quality results quickly and efficiently. Agile, blended or waterfall, we adopt a “push left” attitude: we test early and often, providing hands-on testing at every stage of your project. You’ll get a talented team on-site straightaway to review your processes and resources. Automation will provide an immediate understanding of your testing needs and you’ll get key strategy documentation within 30 days. React quickly to market demand with an onshore software testing partner who’ll drive continuous improvement and transformational change. We’ll spot the glitches before your customers do.

Bring your data to life Take a scientific approach to complex business challenges with AI-led data insights and solutions. REPL’s data science team harness the power of machine learning to drive efficiency, engagement and profitability. They have the curiosity to explore your problems and the technical and theoretical skills needed to solve them. A creative use of data that generates tangible business value. With data science behind you, you can spot patterns to inform the future: Accurately forecast demand for staff and stock Understand and act upon poor sales performance Analyse the competition, both next door and online Thanks to machine learning, predictive modelling and forward-thinking analysis, you’ll have a clearer path ahead.

Technical knowledge that transforms Systems integration that goes beyond simple application to achieve transformation across the whole business. REPL’s expert team has the technical know-how to streamline systems and effortlessly manage apps, data and devices. Extensive project experience with existing products and custom-built solutions to tackle every challenge. And the confidence and creativity to fully integrate leading-edge tech into your systems: tech that will revolutionise the workplace and elevate the customer experience.

Embrace innovation In the fast-paced digital age, one size doesn’t fit all. Eager to innovate? Present us with a business challenge and we’ll devise a stand-out digital solution. Our high-calibre product owners and developers have the vision and experience to adapt existing solutions or build a custom-made product. Experts in their field, their know-how and drive will transform your workplace and the customer experience, future-proofing your business.Go above and beyond We don’t settle for the ordinary and we don’t expect you to either. The digital revolution demands a pioneering approach. Our innovative work with major global brands has given them a unique digital advantage over the competition. With the courage to create ingenious solutions that revolutionise business operations and processes and meet customers’ digital demands, we’re willing to choose the less obvious option. Streamline stock control, modernise the customer experience, increase staff productivity or reduce overheads, we’ll work with flexibility and enthusiasm to deliver exactly what you need. Our team thrives on innovation. We won’t shy away from venturing into unchartered development opportunities and expanding our areas of expertise. Got a technology or management challenge? Collaborate with us and you’ll enjoy a value-led, customer-focused process you can rely on.

Innovation and best practice that pushes boundaries REPL adapts pioneering methodologies to meet your unique implementation needs. Choose us and you’ll be working with a partner, not just an implementation company. We treat your requirements and goals as if they were our own, a bespoke approach that relies on innovation and trust, not pre-written guides. Our experts successfully implement vendor partners’ solutions, enhancing them with our own unique products to expand system capabilities. The result? A fully-integrated, future-proofed system to deliver optimum performance levels and achieve all desired outcomes.Future-proof your business Implementation experts with in-depth industry knowledge work hard to get under the skin of your business. Across workforce and warehouse management, point of sale, back office and in-store digital, broad expertise and experience means we have the right people to implement your perfect solution. Working side-by-side with your senior team, we identify pain points, understand complex challenges and define exact requirements. A hands-on partnership that enables us to build a realistic project plan.




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About REPL

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